Food Truck

The CultivATE Food Truck embodies a dual purpose: serving up delectable dishes while also empowering individuals facing barriers to employment by providing training and strong wages. With every bite, customers not only indulge in delicious meals but also contribute to local charities, fostering a community-driven approach to dining.


CultivATE's Corporate Catering brings empowerment and community support to the corporate realm, offering exceptional cuisine while providing employment opportunities and supporting local charities. Through our catering services, clients not only enjoy delicious food but also contribute to a meaningful cause.


Our Story

Welcome to the Cultivate Food Truck.  The first project from ElevATE Society (

The idea for this project came out of a desire by three friends to teach their kids the value and importance of being of service to your community.

We are a local non-profit social enterprise.... our purpose is to give back!

Learn more about our parent organization ElevATE Society - A Culinary Social Enterprise